Reflections under the full moon

The moon reflects a tremendous amount of light. During a full moon night, we can perfectly see the landscape and its shadows projected on the ground ( even our own shadow) and even we are able to move without artificial lighting, such as frontal or lanterns.

When you become fond of night photography, the most common thing is to try to escape from the moonlight, especially the full moon’s one, in order to contemplate a starry sky as possible. However, this time I made an exception. And so I thank my friend Tato Rosés, who convinced me (without too much hardness) to take a trip through the deep Pyrenees in these days of the month which I try to avoid nightscapes.


Still nature, some stars and our camp next to the lake, on the left side of the image.

The truth is that it has been a long ago since the last time I enjoyed a session of full moon night landscape, but while at the time of taking pictures I thought there was too much light for that, now that I see the resulting photographs I can feel its beauty. Not only for the visually appealing results, but also the amount of light in the scene made us sharers in what happened around us: the flowers closed by the dark, frogs were singing in the lake and the reflection of the mountains was becoming clearer as the breeze stopped.


Details from the reflection from the mountains and the stars on the water.

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