About me

photography, experience & philosophy


It’s Physical Activity and Sports in the Natural Environment Technician Driving, Photography and Digital Creation Graduate and Advanced Audiovisual Post Production Postgraduated by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

She works as nature photography and audiovisual teacher, and she specializes in astrophotography. She provides courses and workshops in private and public institutions such as the Center for Imaging and Multimedia Technology in the UPC.

She has participated in symposiums and conferences where she has made speeches of various themes, always related to the photographic journey, night landscape, nature photography and the realization of audiovisual projects among others.

She also works as a photographer guide in photography trips with Australphoto agency, where she is responsible for guiding the photographic expedition to Iceland.

She is a member of the Catalan Society of Nature Photographers and collaborates with associations and entities related to photography and nature, its preservation and dissemination, such as EDC Natura and the prestigious international competition of nature photography MontPhoto where she has been in charge of the audiovisual section.

She has participated in group exhibitions and has carried out a number of own projects such as Sideral and Del Congost a la Calma, a project that also consists of a book of photographs of which she is also the author.

She has a photographic archive of over 60,000 images of nature on various topics, locations and species and has made several photographic journeys.

“Do not do anything except pictures. Leave nothing behind but your footprints. Do not kill nothing but time. ” Anonymous.

When I do my projects, whether personal or assigned, I try to do everything possible to treat the environment, its flora and wildlife with the respect they deserve. This means that no plants where ripped out, no landscape was soiled neither I disturbed the peace of wildlife. All my photographs, unless otherwise specified, are taken in natural settings without any captivity. I just try to convey this respect to the potential viewers of my work.