Sideral (sidereal), it’s the result of almost 10 years photographing the sky. It is a book about the stars through the eyes of photography, science, nature and myths. A book for anyone who loves gazing to the sky. From the stars and constellations to the magnificent Milky Way. From the movements of our satellite to phenomena such as eclipse, comets and Northern Lights: Sideral is a passionate trip through time and the magic of night with the stars as our companions.

The book is also full of adventures and personal experiences. Each photograph goes with its description, which can be an astronomical explanation, a photographic technique, a composition speech or even a personal story. Also, for the joy of photographers, all technical settings such as shutter speed, aperture, camera and lenses, are shown on every image of the book.





It is a 100% self-published book, in order to make a final product reliable to my original ideas and designs, with total control in all aspects of its final form, from layout and design to the type of paper and the inks used. In addition, it is a respectful book with the environment. The products with which the book has been manufactured have their origin in well-managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. H-UV inks have also been used, which prevent the loss of chromatic intensity in the photographs, improve gloss without needing glaze and are environmentally friendly because they contaminate much less in order not to emit ozone. No plastics were used for storing and transporting books.

Also, this is one of the first books in the world to use the XCMYK system. This new system allows you to expand the region of colors that can be represented in the printing, avoiding loss of tone, saturation and intensity in the images that are subjected to images when moving from RGB (colors on the screen) to CMYK (colors in print)





As the book is only in spanish, you can find the book in any of the listed bookstores. Anyway, you can even ask for it in your trustworthy library, but you can also request it through the following form and I will send it signed and dedicated, trying to get you in the shortest possible time (please keep in mind that sometimes it may take a while if I am traveling)






Sideral on Radio Euskadi (from minute 18:26)

Sideral on Hugo Rodríguez’s blog

Sideral on Viajes National Geographic



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