Night Landscape Workshop

Hello everyone! Today I will do something different and I’ll do a little propaganda because… It is necessary to do something for a living, and if that thing is also what you enjoy, then it’s so much better!

So if you are interested in night photography, you are an astronomy lover or if you simply want to enjoy the starry heavens, I invite you to continue reading!

I am preparing an interesting nightscape workshop: no illuminated tractors with colored gels or bikini models under the moonlight, no streets lit by street lamps and no light painting: only you, the stars and the landscape. This workshop is very interesting if you want to get started in this discipline, as it starts from zero, but it is also interesting to get deep into a topic that you don’t know, so we will study different techniques, while we will see how to act in low light.


In the workshop you will learn how to take pictureslike these

The workshop has three hours of theory (in a classroom) and three of practice (at night, in a natural environment). In addition, there is also an optional extension of three hours for reviewing the work done during the workshop and digital processing techniques.


If you want to have a good time and photograph in a totally new way, this is your workshop. The next dates are:


Some topics covered in the workshop:

  • Night culture, mythology and stars
  • Planning photo shoots
  • Focus and framing the dark
  • Still stars and star trails
  • Knowing and understanding the Moon
  • The Milky Way, a vision of our galaxy

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