The wind in my face


We are moved by desires.
Those who we love, those who we protect, what we struggle for, what we dream on.
From the moment we are born we demand what we want. We demand to have it.

Throughout life we ​​work to fulfill our desires. Some struggle with all their might to accomplish them, directing all their daily routines towards this desire. Others see it die in the distance. And it is an act of courage and heroism to fight for what we want. An act that not everyone is ready to face.


We grow and gradually our desires grow with us. They change, evolve or die. Sometimes what you had always wished, that strong desire shuts down and disappears. But sometimes a desire lasts over time, returns or intensifies.

To lose or see a wish to die can make us lose ourselves and our identity. It can make us doubt about ourselves, who we are and why we were fighting for. But man is a selfish being and soon we realize that there are more or new desires to live within us, some of them buried in time, waiting for the best time to emerge.


These “primitive” desires define us. They make us who we are. We see them clearly if we look inside ourselves. They are those which we give importance over everything. Those that if we lose them, we lose ourselves.

To feel the wind in my face
The grass under my feet
To get wet by rain
And be one with the snow

This is my greatest desire and who I am. For a while it stayed in the background and I lost myself but now I know that is most important to me, or maybe I just remembered.


A primitive desire not only mine, but shared with humanity, despite forgotten. Shared with all living things. In fact, what is man but an animal that inexplicably cut its ties with nature without realizing that it’s nature itself what defines us?

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