The forest of darkness

Lately I’m realizing about how much I like to walk at night. Is it because the night is the only moment in which one does not melt in the heat in these hot days of summer? Maybe that’s a big reason, but the truth is that I also love the unexpected path that suddenly appears before my front light every step I take, sharpening my senses, interspersed with branches and rocks, curves, ups and downs. I also love that despite the strong light I carry with me, the stars still shine more brightly, and of course, I also love that time when I realize about the beauty of the environment and decide to stop, turn it off and enjoy the night with greater intensity.



After the creaking of a branch under my boots, something is moving at high speed into the forest. I stop in order to find out what has it been without success. I keep on walking and from behind a tree, a pale moth is attracted by my light. I look at the tree. It seems that he also looks at me. It’s big, dry, without leaves. Its branches seem to want to reach for the stars, and it feels like they are really going to make it.



The sky tonight was spectacular. Still, I wanted to reveal the pictures with a color temperature of something warmer than what my mind initially interpreted, in order to highlight the shapes of trees and the Milky Way in the background.

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